The GOAT, JATO, and Anatomical Terms

UF-1G, Albatross
Back in the 1950's at CGAS St. Petersburg,Florida I received a call at home directing me to, "Get to the base as quickly as possible! We need you to rig an HU- 16E with JATO." JATO, (Jet Assisted Take Off) rocket motors help an aircraft get airborne from rough water.


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Ah!!! The good old days. Couldn't get away with that now.

The Plane Crash, The Gator, and Me

I was stationed at CGAS St. Petersburg, Florida in the early 1960s and one day an annoucement came over the PA system, "PO Dugan contact OPS."

I called and was told, "Get to the ready helo on the line and bring your .cal 45 pistol."


Alaska Earthquake 1964

During 1963-64 I did a tour of duty at AIRSTA Kodiak. On March 27, 1964 I had the duty and at about 5:30 PM we had a 9.2 Quake that lasted about 4 min. It was the most powerful quake ever recorded in North America.

Shortly after the quake, seawater came over the seawall and into the hanger. I started a tractor (Mule) and moved over to our C-123 to hook the towbar up and move it out of the hanger. By that time water was over one foot deep. Our CO was standing on the hood of the mule.

Read the rest of the Charlie Dugan story . .

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I was at supply depot Ketchikan when the quake struck. A short time after some one produced a lp record about the quake. There is live broadcasts from several radio stations in the area. Stories from many people all over the most affected areas. Several stories from the Kodiak area. I can down load to a CD if anyone is interested. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I live in Centralia, WA.

The GOAT and The Chaplin

HU-16E, The Tackle Box Back in the Mid-1960s while on a tour at Kodiak we took an HU-16 on a fishing trip to a lake high in the mountains at Kodiak. Our passengers were our CO at Kodiak, CGD-17 CO, and the USN Chaplin at Kodiak.





Remembering ADCMAP John Greathouse, USCG

The Last Naval Aviation Pilot
ADCMAP John Greathouse
Official USCG Photo
A small bit of history for some of you newer Aviators. ADCMP Greathouse was the last enlisted pilot to serve in the CG or any branch of the Military. He had 14,000 some hours flight time and over 10.000 was in the UF or HU-16. He retired at ATC Mobile in 1979 and died in Sept. of 2005 at Biloxi,MS.

During the late 1970's while stationed at ATC mobile I was on a Post Hurricane flight in a HU-16 with Greathouse as the pilot. After some nine plus hours we were returning to ATC Mobile when CGD8 diverted us to search for a man overboard south of Gulfport,MS. Greathouse told CGD8 he needed to land at Keesler AFB to take on fuel.


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As an add on, I think Charlie Dugan was there at the same time, along with some very interesting people, might persuade Charlie to tell a few tales.
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Yes I did serve with John at Ecity, however we did not fly together, I was in C130's, and H-52's, John was in HU-16's, we had a verbal "Station Instruction" that if John was in the plane, He was the Aircraft commander, unless he was being checked, this was contrary to the normal rule which automatically designated the Senior Pilot as AC. Don't have any particular interesting stories, although John and I both worked in Ops for a while, and day to day living with John was interesting, He made some of the most interesting comments about various people, and the way things were done, however he was never disrespectful(at a time when I'm sure he was tempted
While we were there John's daughter was commissioned as a 2nd lt in the Army, and he vowed that he would never salute her.
All in all he was a great guy, I did get to see him shortly before he passed, and it was quite sad to see the deterioration that he suffered in his later years, Won't laugh though, as I think I'm getting there..
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I had the honor of serving with John at CGAS San Diego for 2 years in the early 60's. John and another enlisted pilot, Tom Tate ADCMAP were both command pilots and trainers for the new officer pilots who came to the station in both fixed wing and also helicopters. Worked them both on the radios during many sar missions. Both were a credit to the Coast Guard.
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I had the honor of meeting Chief Greathouse in 1969 at the GOVIS EClub. Long story, but when learned my father had been an AP in the US Navy after having also served in RCAF, we had a nice conversation about enlisted pilots and opportunities for flying in the Coast Guard.

I think Billy Murphy flew with him at ECity ... got any good Greathouse stories, Billy?